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Bentonite Clay Facial

World’s most powerful facial Deep pore cleaning with 100% natural calcium bentonite clay Does not contain: Additives, fragrances,

It’s easy to make a natural healing face mask with this bentonite clay mask recipe. Bentoniteclay will detox skin, shrink your pores, and treat acne.

Clay makes skin softer. Bentonite clay is loaded with silica, a trace mineral that strengthens connective tissue including muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and

The beautifying and purifying properties of bentonite clay have been used for thousands of years by cultures all around the world for detox and beauty.

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a “healing clay” that many people are enjoying the bentonite clay benefits by taking internally (in other words, drinking and eating it), on top of using it

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But natural clay, especially the form known as “bentonite clay”, has not only been used medicinally for hundreds of years by indigenous cultures

Bentonite Clay Hair Treatment is a clarifying treatment for hair that is said to leave hair soft and moisturized.

Aug 16, 2013 · Calcium bentonite clay contains calcium, magnesium, sodium and trace amounts of a number of other minerals. The clay is made from volcanic ash deposits

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From Lauren: As I’ve mentioned, I’m on vacation right now and I’ve lined up a series of wonderful guest posts from some awesome bloggers. Today, Meagan from Growing

Useful on oily skin. Excellent oil absorbing properties. Bentonite Clay is a very soft clay. Great for clay face masks, body masks and facial soaps!

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