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Freud’s theory. Freud introduced his theory of the concept of interest in—and envy of—the penis in his 1908 article “On the Sexual Theories of ren”: it was

2. Settle in. Big Ben doesn’t make his appearance until the movie is almost over. Enjoy the ride before then! Isn’t the movie cast so well, and so eclectically?

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Bow Wow wants to prove that he’s not so “lil” when it comes to his manhood. The rapper and actor is in a heated feud with ex-fiance Erica Mena over the size of his penis.

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Private Parts is the first book written by American radio personality Howard Stern. Released on October 7, 1993 by Simon & Schuster, it is the fastest-selling book in

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Fig. 1. Intact adult penis: This illustration represents an average normal adult human penis. The head of the penis (glans) has a covering, called

All About The Penis – information for men and women on what it’s like to own a penis and being a man!

Warning – Item Man saws his own penis off in front of employees might contain content that is not suitable for all ages. By clicking on CONTINUE you confirm that you

Care of the Intact Penis. Much nonsense has been written about the special care required for an intact penis. Care advice can be summarised briefly:

We reveal the penis myths around size. Info on penile physiology, biochemistry and anatomy.

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BUT ONLY ONE WHO PAINTS WITH HIS PENIS Over the past 8 years Pricasso has stunned Audiences all over the world painting portraits using only his penis as a brush.

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